Cannot link to Access Project from laptop



My desktop and my laptop both use Windows XP Pro. I have Office (XP)
Developer installed on both of them, networked so that I can transfer files
and continue working at home after leaving my office.
I have started work on an Access Project (converting an mdb to adp) and to
my surprise, I cannot link the Access Project on the desktop from my laptop.
Is there something I have overlooked? Both machines hitherto linked each
other and transferred files easily. Grateful for an assistance.

Norman Yuan

What you have missed is the fact that Access project (*.adp/*.ade) is merely
a front end app/app developing environment, it does not contain tables you
want to link to (as you did with *.mdb. Actaully, cannot link to a front end
only *.mdb, too). The Access projects on both your desktop and laptop should
connect to (not link to, as you do with *.mdb, through ODBC) a SQL
Server/MSDE on either your desktop, or the laptop, or somewhere on the
network you have access to. To work on the same Access project with your two
computers, you can simply copy the *.adp file back and forth. Remember,
*.adp only contains front end objects: forms, reports, macros, VBA code,
data pages. Tables, views, diagrams, stored procedures are all stored in SQL
Server, you can see/change them (based on your permmision on the SQL Server)
within *.adp, but you cannoy carry them with the *.adp file. You also cannot
"link" *.adp: there isn't table to link to.


Thanx, Norman, for your explanation. I am beginning to get the picture. I
still have one question though: IS IT POSSIBLE TO CONNECT TO MY DESKTOP FROM


I have networked the two machines, and have MSSQL SERVER on my desktop (and
on the laptop too). Please let me know how to connect to the desktop from the
laptop, or vice versa.


If the database has been restored on the desktop SQL Server, and the ADP
file is on the laptop, goto File>>Connection inside the ADP application.
Select your SQL Server, database name and security parameters.

Kevin Hill
3NF Consulting - new DB forum for Dallas/Ft. Worth area DBAs.

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