Cannot install USB Printers



I have a XP Professional SP2 workstation. When I attempt to attach a USB
cable from any new USB printer the workstation recognizes the printer and
prompts to install the "USB Print Support" drivers, when I select OK the
error messages says "There was a problem installing this hardware. USB
Printing Support. I have expierienced this with 2 seperate known working USB
Printers using different USB cables. I ran a SFC /scannow without any
errors. I downloaded the latest manufacturer drivers for both printers
without luck. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.


Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Disconnect all printers and other USB peripherals.

Go into Device Manager and uninstall all USB Controllers. Reboot. XP
should refind and reinstall all the USB Controllers and hopefully the
USBPrint files.


This problem is usually caused by connecting the printer to the PC before you
start the printer drive install from the "usually" included CD. You must
start the driver install by inserting the driver CD into you CD / DVD drive.
Only connect the printer to your PC when the driver install process requests
it. You now need to clear out the USB device (see other part of this thread.)

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