Cannot find pst-file in 2003 after uninstalling 2007



Problems in short:
I cannot use Outlook 2003 after uninstalling Outlook 2007. Also I cannot
locate the pst-file.

Detailed version:
I first installed and used Outlook 2007. Thereafter I installed Outlook
2003. It automatically overtook the data from 2007, no problem there. When
starting 2003, after uninstalling 2007, the program was “reinstalledâ€.

Everything looks ok, but I get the message: “The operation failed†when
trying to;
- Import and Export
- Open up E-mail accounts
- Open Outlook data file
And when trying to Send/Receive messages I get the message: “The operation
failed due to a registry or installation problem. … If the problem persists,
please reinstall.â€

Before reinstalling I want to know that my data won’t get lost, but I cannot
export, nor can I find the pst-file. I have searched all discs for *.pst

I use Vista Home Premium 64 bit SP1.


The pst data file is a hidden file.
You can locate your pst-file by using one of the following methods;

a.. Make sure you include hidden and system files and folders when
searching for pst-file
b.. By default it is located in
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application
For Windows Vista the default is
c.. You can also locate the file by using, Rightclick the root folder
(probably Outlook Today)-> Properties-> button Advanced-> field Filename.
e.. Uninstalling / reinstalling has no impact on data files
To create a backup simply copy the pst files, with OL closed, or use the
free backup addin available on MS Outlook site
Since you switched from 2007 to 2003, it might be an idea to create a new
Profile (not copy) via the Mail applet in the control panel


Thanx! So easy to forget simple things.

After finding and backing up the pst-file, I did a "Repair" instead of

Works perfectly now!

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