Cannot Find File error message



Win2000(Pro), NTFS drive, EIDE
Some directories copied to this drive from another
machines (Fat32) can not be deleted (most could).
When you click delete on the actual file it does nothing
and the system "dings". When you click delete on a parent
folder it returns this error msg:
"Cannot delete Cannot find the specified file.
Make sure you specify the correct file and pathname."
Nor can you view properties.
Most of the offending files seem to be url's with very
long names. Chkdsk /f did not correct the problem.

Any ideas?

(e-mail address removed)

R. C. White

Hi, Scott.

Have you tried opening a "DOS" window and using Dir /x to find the SFN
(Short File Name, also known as the 8.3 filename), then Del <SFN> or RD
<SFN> /s ?

This solution is offered here several times a week (it seems) and usually
works. If you need details, find one of the older threads or post back.


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