Cannot drag and drop attachments from Outlook 2007 to Windows Expl



I cannot drag an attachment from an Outlook 2007 message and drop it into a
Windows Explorer folder. I confirmed with a colleague that he is able to do
this on his computer using Outlook 2007.

I can drag and drop from one message to another, and I can drag a file from
my hard drive to become an attachment in an Outlook 2007 message, but the
only way I'm able to save attachments from Outlook to my hard drive is to
right-click the attachment, select Save As..., and navigate to the folder.
It would be much easier to just drag and drop the attachment straight into
the folder on my screen or to my desktop. When I attempt it, it shows the
cursor with an outline box and a "+" symbol, just as you would expect if it
were going to work, but it drops off nothing.

I ran the Office Diagnostics and it finds no problems with my Office products.

I disabled all Outlook 2007 add-ins and restarted Outlook, but this did not
correct the problem.

Does anybody know what else I can do to try to correct this? Thank you.


I would like to add I am using 32-bit Windows XP Professional SP3 and all my
Microsoft updates are current.

Luis Madrigal

I would like to add I am using 32-bit Windows XP Professional SP3 and allmy
Microsoft updates are current.

- Show quoted text -

to re-register a dll by going to Start / Run and typing regsvr32.exe

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