Can you add a user-defined field to the new task dialog box?


Phil Rabichow

Hi All:
I use a custom arrangement to view my tasks in which I have a field called
"No." (for number). I use it to order the tasks each day. That works fine.
However, when I double click a task or if I start a new task with the
shortcut key "Ctrl+Shift+K" (or Ctrl+N), a dialog box opens. This standard
dialog box for an untitled task doesn't contain a field for my "No.".

Is there a way I can modify that dialog box to add a number field that would
show up in my custom arrangement under the "No." field? i.e. basically, I
want to add my user-defined field to the standard new task dialog box.
Thank you in advance,



Roady [MVP]

You'll have to work with custom forms then;
Tools-> Forms-> Design a form...

You can find lots of info about custom forms here;

For support you can also ask in the developers newsgroup down the hall;


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