Adding Fields to Outlook Tasks 2007


Deb G

When I fill in a new task, I want to be able to record "who" requested this
task and what sort of task it is ie: project, report, study. I went into View
- Customize Current View and added the field "Requestor" to the list. The
field appears on my screen but I am not able to type anything into it. Also
if I add a new Task, the field "Requestor appears no where in the single Task

Am I able to add fields to Outlook Tasks that I use? and also can I add
fields that will appear in the New Task Window where you set categories, etc?

Thanks for any thoughts!



Deb G

Thanks Brian, you are correct, I wanted to create a custom form. The link you
gave me to Outlook Code looks complicated? Is it difficult to amend an
existing form? Does one have to know special programing language?



Michael Bauer [MVP - Outlook]

You don't need to know a programming language for a simple customization.

Click Tools/Forms/Design a Form. Select the form you want to customize. On a
task form you can't edit the first or the details page, so you might choose
the second one.

Use the field chooser, and drag your custom property on to the page.

If you're done, click Publish/Publish Form As;, select where to publish the
form, for instance in your personal forms library, and type a title. From
that title Outlook creates the new Message Class property; Outlook will open
every item with that message class in your new form.

Eventually close the form. Outlook will ask you whether or not to save
changes. Click no.

Now, to make the form the default for your task folder, right click the task
folder, choose Properties, Forms, Manage, Set. Select where the form had
been published to, then click OK. In the left list you should now see the
form's name; select it and click Copy. Now the form is copied to the folder.
Close the dialog.

Close the properties dialog, then open it again. See "When posting to this
folder, use:", there select your new form.

That's it.

Best regards
Michael Bauer - MVP Outlook

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Am Wed, 24 Jun 2009 08:14:01 -0700 schrieb Deb G:

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