User-defined field in Task folders - transferable?



Can anyone tell me, I inserted a new user-defined field in my "To-Do List",
called "Pri". When I go to the "Tasks" folder, I include the field in the
view, and include it on the sorting list.

Now, I've made a new folder containing task items called "Personal Tasks".
However, when I go there, I cannot see my "Pri" field to include! I can
copy tasks which have a value in the "Pri" field there... Do I have to
re-define the same field for that folder? I have tried copying the "Tasks"
folder over, but even with that, the "Pri" field doesn't show up. I am
assuming user-defined fields are limited in scope to a single folder - is
this correct, and how do I work around this?

I like that I can look at all my tasks in the "To-Do List" view, and then
break them down by sub-group with task folders, but I want my UD fields to be
usable in each folder. Can anyone shed some light on this for me, or direct
me to a good reference?



Thanks again! :)

I just wasn't sure what kind of scope those had. It had seemed logical that
there should have been away to declare a "global" field - but as I said, I'm
just getting going on the Outlook coding.


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