Can Win2k be started from Dos?



I have my system with a dual boot to Dos, Windows98, or Win2K. I
always start in dos (by default). [I have my reasons for this]

But my BOOT.INI file will allow me to start Win98 or Win2000 if I

However, if I am booted into Dos, I can start Win98 by typing "WIN"
( Is there a way to start Win2000 from the dos prompt?
(There is no WIN.COM file in Win2000). Or MUST I reboot and use the
BOOT.INI selection?

I should mention that all my partitions are FAT32, so I can access all
files from Dos.



Dave Patrick

Won't work. and Ntldr must be invoked via the NT boot loader.



Dave Patrick ....Please no email replies - reply in newsgroup.
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Microsoft MVP [Windows]

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