Can we show a custom field on the Event page?


Randy Rice

I have a shared calendar to reserve conference rooms. We use the Subject
field to show the group/topic that is using the room and the Location field
to show which room is reserved for the meeting. But I'm finding that
sometimes we need to know who reserved the room. Is there a way to add a
field to the Event page under Subject and Location? I know I can add a field
to the table/All Events view but I'll never get my users to use that. I'd
like to have a field right on the Event page that will be hard for them to


Sue Mosher [MVP]

The main page of the appointment form is not customizable. You can customize
only P.2 - P.5.

Randy Rice

Well, I guess I'll have to come up with another idea!

Thanks for saving me further research into the main page.


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