Can I have multiple recipients receive the same emails as I do?



I am receiving an email that needs to be distributed to other recipients in
the office. These emails are 24 hour notices for line locates, so they need
immediate attention. I am afraid that if I am out of the office that no one
will get them. I don't want some stranger going though my emails, so can
this one email be set to be received by more then one recipient in the
office? I have contacted the sender (a big company with little time to
spare) and they said that is what I need to do. Seems to me that they, the
sender, could set up the email to be received by multiple recipients’ easier
then the recipient could.



Roady [MVP]

True, there are multiple approaches to this;
-they add another email address to their list
-you set a forward rule
-you set a forward rule in your Out of Office Assistant
-your company sets up a mail enabled distribution list and you let the
sender update the address of the subscription you have with them.

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