Can I designate an attachment folder so all attachments go there?

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longing for eudora ease

In Eudora I could use tools option to designate a folder that all attachments
to emails would be saved to. Didn't have to manually save the attachment in
each individual email. Possible in Outlook? Thanks!


Yes you can set a default folder to save outlook e-mails
You must enter to redistry (start >>run>>regedit32) and find this path :
for Outloook 2003
for Outloook 2007
You must create a new entry "DefaultPath" REG_SZ character and past ther
a full path to folder wher you save attachments

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Thanks, but that didn't seem to work, best bet seems to be to purchase an add-on MAPI Lab has one that works quite well, almost as good as Eudora

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