Can Canon's i960 print panoramas?


Gary Stuart

In working through the decision-making process of whether to buy an Epson
R300 or a Canon i960, I've read many reviews and newsgroup comments. The
two seem close in photo printing performance with perhaps a slight edge to
the i960.

A potential problem for me with the i960, though, is that I can't determine
whether it can print a panorama of greater width than legal size paper
(14"). I'm beginning to suspect that this is the case because Canon doesn't
sell a panorama paper. Apparently they have crippled the driver so that no
other paper mfr's paper can be used. This is reprehensible if it's the

In any event, if you own an i960, can you confirm whether you can input a
custom paper size in the Page Setup area? If not, has anyone been able to
devise a clever workaround for this?

Thanks for your help.

Gary S




I emailed Canon asking them the same question. The answer is no. The only Canon
printer for panoramas is the i9100, which is a larger format printer. With this
printer, the panorama width is limited to 19 inches. If that isn't long (wide)
enough, you're better off with the Epsons.

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