Can BCM reports be customized?



I'm using Outlook 2003 w/BCM, and believe it has all updates.

Just noticed a customization function... Tools > Forms > Design a Form.

Can this (or anything else) enable designing a custom report BCM for...
Business Tools > Reports > Business Contacts > Business Contact History NEW

Or... is this "Design a Form" 1) only for Outlook printed forms, or 2) only
for Outlook things displayed on monitor?

I'd really like to re-design the current "Business Contact History" form
with my own (and have simplicity of just a quick click or two so it will
PRINT a newly rearranged version of history). Would appreciate any



Hi George

Reports in BCM cannot be customized they are specific for Outlook forms

However BCM V3 to an extend does provide the user additional report that can

be generated

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