Can a recorded narration be paused during the slide show?



I am recording a presentation In PowerPoint 2007 and would like the ability
to pause during slide show play before the narration is finished with the
slide. Is this functionality available?

Lucy Thomson


Pressing S during a presentation pauses it then restarts it. For more
keyboard shortcuts, press F1 when in slide show mode.



Thanks for the response, Lucy. What I'm actually trying to do is pause the
narration on the slide. I have my slide show setup to require manual slide
advancement and each slide has a narration. I want to be able to pause the
narration on the slide I am currently viewing and not start the presentation
and narration over from the beginning. Any ideas?


Lucy Thomson

Hmmm. I've had a good old play with triggers & pauses & 'start from last
position' & all sorts but I can't get a narration to pause & restart from
the same place - it always goes back to the beginning. Not sure what the
difference is between the 'pause' effect & the 'stop' effect....

Hopefully someone else will chime in with how to get this working. Sorry not
to be of more help.


John Wilson

This is not as simple as it at first appears! As Lucy says using a pause
trigger will often restart the narration.

As a first bet try recording the narration as a seperate file and LINK to
it, pause may not restart a linked sound though it seems to depend on your
sound card. You might also want to read this for a neat answer.
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