Camera Scanner Wizard



I have been having trouble with my camera scanner wizard,
when i connect my camera (Olympus C360 Zoom) it says that
no camera can be detected but if i open up the Olympus
Album (Camedia) it recognises it and lets me download to
that but i cannot email from that programme, when i first
got the camera about a month ago it did recognise it and
let me download to my pictures. I've done a system
restore but to no avail.
Any help welcome


To those of you who have lost the use of the Camera Wizard I have confirmed
that there is a conflict between Real Player 10 and the Wizard preventing the
Wizard from running. However, I have found the cause and have a solution.

There is an incompatability between the Wizard and the file REALSCHED.EXE,
which runs on startup. Disable it with the Task Manager and the functionality
of the Wizard is restored. You can permanently disable REALSCHED from running
on startup using MSCONFIG. However, it will become active again any time Real
Player is started. But it is definitely NOT necessary to uninstall Real
Player to mitigate the conflict and get the Wizard working again.

I have confirmed that this file is the cause of the problem, but have no
idea just what purpose it serves other than taking up memory. It schedules
something or other. Perhaps it is the source of those %$#@@#$$# Real Player
pop-up messages!

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