Camcorder Video to PC Using S-Video



My friend has an S-Video plug on the back of his computer. We have a
camcorder with the S-Video cable. We want and need to get the video from the
camcorder onto our computers, but when we plugged the camcorder into the S-
Video plug, nothing happened. Nothing popped up, there was nothing in the My
Computer window. How do we get the videos from our camcorder to the computer
(without buying anything, or at least nothing too expensive)


Video cards or display adapters have 1 or 2 out plugs,youre plugging into
the optional s-video-out jack...To recieve video,you'll need a tv-capture
usually in PCI form.ATI sells them thru circuit city or similiar for about
If you go that route or similiar,install the drivers only for the card,for
video capture software,download WM encoder 9 series,get the utilities also.
The "capture audio/video" gets youre camcorder on the screen,the WMCAP
utility also does with simple viewing only...

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Is he sure it's S-Video IN and not just S-Video OUT?

Only a few graphics cards have VIVO capability (video in video out), it is
far more usual to be just video out. In the case it is, he'll need an
analog capture card, something like the Hauppauge PVR-150 will be fine....
if it's a digital camcorder, he should be capturing by firewire and not by

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