Calling Dual DVI Experts!!! (Help)


John Smith

Trying to find a video card that does Dual DVI well enough at 1600*1200 so
that both monitors are in the same starting color temp. Current situation
usinh a 6800 nvidia dual dvi with 2 samsung 204t running at 1600*1200. one
looks like its in the 7800k the other 6500k range. Ive swapped cards, iv'e
tried differant monitors. no match. does ati or ati fire cards have a
stable dual dvi output?






First of One
The DVI outputs on the 6800 are indeed not as good as ATi's offerings.
Unfortunately this article was written before dual-DVI ATi cards were

If you run both monitors at a reduced resolution (say, 800x600), do the
colors match up? If they do, then it's most likely a deficiency in one of
the TMDS transmitters on your nVidia card. You can also try using a shorter,
better-shielded DVI cable. Obviously turn off "Digital Vibrance".

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