Abit x800 DVI output help



I'm having problems with DVI output on a x800 pro card that was flashed
to a x800 pro xt. I'm trying to hook up a Viewsonic VX924 flat panel
monitor to the DVI output but can only get it to work on the analog
connection. When I hook it up to just the DVI output I get a no signal
from the montitor. When I have it hooked up to both the analog and
digital and choose digital input from the monitors on screen menu it
just defaults back to the analog connection. I've read of issues with
ATI cards and DVI output, does anyone have any ideas on how to get my
card to output DVI?




I have a similar problem with the viewsonic vx910 and a x700 pcie. The dvi
works in all applications except in 3d games. Internet, office apps etc all
work fine. In 3d games it loses signsl and returns and loses signal again.
Using the 5.1 drivers.

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