AGP card upgrade



This machine has a Athlon X2 4200 processor on a MSI K8N 939 board and
running with Vista 32 Ultimate. The machine is adequate for most of my needs
especially since I'm not a gamer. I do watch a fair amount of HDTV on this
machine and my current video card (nVidia 6200) only scores 2.3 on the Vista

Last Spring I tried to put a Radeon X1650 card in but there was a problem
using the card with the dual core processor and I don't recall if it was a
hardware or software issue. I was looking for a new video card because the
DVI output stopped working with the nVidia card. I didn't track down the
problem to see if it was the card, the cable or the monitor. Now I'd like to
upgrade to improve my WMC performance.

Will the ATI HD 3000 or HD 4000 series AGP cards work in my machine?



Ed Light

Since you are doing HDTV, one of these might be good:

Note their scores here:

But note that that is with features active that may not be active at all
for some players including the flash players.
Ed Light

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Thanx. Ed.

I already had a 4650 and a 4670 on my Newegg wish list while I look further
into the problem I had with the X1650 and my dual core Athlon.

There was something somewhere on the AMD/ATI site last Spring but I can't
find it now.


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