C-drive never defrags thoroughly



C-drive is 5.6 GB, is formatted in FAT32, and has currently 2.65 GB free. I
mainly use it for XP. It's one of 10 (two are FAT32, the rest are NTFS)
partitions spread over two drives. When I use Diskeeper 8 to defrag C-drive,
it never seems to defrag completely - i.e. there are still red bits visible
in the display. All other drives defrag thoroughly. When I examine the
"fragmentation report" the same files/folders seem to crop up:

\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\
\Documents and Settings\Tim\Local Settings\Temp\
\Documents and Settings\Tim\Application Data\
\Documents and Settings\Tim\Application
\System Volume Information\_

These are the main folders that always seem to be involved; the
fragmentation is small for each case, but they nevertheless refuse to
defrag! Since I switched to Firefox, its folder and files seem particularly
hard to defrag, even after I close the browser and clear the cache. And how
do I defrag the "System Volume Information" folder? It just won't budge,
even if I delete all but the most recent Restore Points.

I have another FAT32 partition and that defrags fine, so I doubt it is the
FAT32 format that is to blame (though it is slower to defrag than NTFS).


R. McCarty

It's likely the algorithm that Diskeeper 8 uses. I doubt if there are
actions you can take that would allow DK8 to achieve a 100%
defragmented state. Most of those locations have open files or
handles and probably can't be relocated. Does DK8 employ any
kind of Pre GUI defrag or does it only work from within Windows ?
I stopped using Diskeeper many revisions ago and started using
Perfect Disk so I'm not familiar with it's current features/capabilities.
I would probably check Diskeeper's support site or forums and
seek help there.

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