Business Contacts not populating list boxes in Accounts/Opportunit



Big Problem. I am supposed to be able to assign a key contact (as well as
other contacts) to Accounts and Opportunities.

When I click on the box next to Key contact I get an empty pop-up list box.
Ditto when I click on the ADD button in the next section for additional

(Yes, I do have business contacts listed in the business contacts list.)

Worse, I tried typing a business contact's (unusual) last name in the box
and hit enter -- only for the field to be populated with a completely
different person (with absoutely NO relationship with the first contact,
e.g., similarity of name, company, etc.)

I've downloaded the updates, detected and repaired, and talked to Dell, who
not only seems completely unfamiliar with this software, but apparently sent
it out without even Q&Aing it (and now expects me to pay to get it working.)

PLEASE -- any help greatly appreciated. It rather defeats the whole purpose
of paying extra for the BCM when I can't get the basic functionality to work.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the mini-rant, but have been working on this
for over 24 hours....


Me again -- just hoping that if I repost, one of you knowledgeable people
will help Outlook, it doesn't support BCM (although I can't find anything in
any of its warranties that exempts it from the OEM-installed software policy.)

I really want to use this software, and am generally good at solving issues
like this, but I am stumped and really need help.

Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance.

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