BCM Accounts and Business Contacts in BCM



I just got the and new to using Outlook w/ BCM recently. I would like to
find out how to effectively use the BCM. On the left side of Outlook BCM
there is Contacts. Under Contacts there is My Contact. Then there is BCM.
Within BCM there is Accounts in BCM and also Business Contacts in BCM.
I am in Real Estate and would like to find out how to set up my client
contact info. I have individual clients and I also have groups of client
contact, ie: clients from a group of states.

Any advise on setting up and using the BCM in the Accounts in BCM and also
Business Contacts in BCM.




The straight answer is:

Business account is created and business contacts are associated with the
business account.

A business contact can stand alone without any Account association and this
would only seem a practical play for recording simple contact information and
not for doing business with them. If you are doing any business exchanges
with them then create an account of them and add them also as a contact.

Once you use your Outlook for communications for a little bit you will see
the value in this order when you run any of the BCM reports.

If you know very little, I would recommend you take a 15 minute slot of time
and plunge head first into the tutorial and get some exposure. Continue to
immerse yourself in the Help until you feel adequately familiar with the
coming and goings of this tool.

Regards - Dale

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