Business Contact Manager was unable to initialize this form



Suddenly when I'm in the Accounts section of Outlook and try to either ad a
New Business Contact OR even open an existing one the General screen is blank
with the message "Business Contact Manager was unable to initialize this form"

Can someone please help?



John, I am having the same problem.... wondering if you got any help on this

When I try to create a new account in Accounts in BCM, I get the following
"Can't open this item. The form required to view this message cannot be
displayed. Contact your administrator."

I know this folder is form-based, and apparently the "form" has been
deleted, overwitten, or corrupted. Tried many different avenues to solve
this, but am getting nowhere. BTW, not on a network, standalone Thinkpad here.

Would I be risking anything (i.e., my primary Outlook .pst) to use
ADD/REMOVE to remove Outlook Business Contact Manager, then re-installing
from CD?

Anyone? Appreciate any observations.



Can you check if buisness tool is avaiable else try enabling the same from
help about microsoft outlook > disabled items.Also do you have Quick book
intsalled ?you can aslo try clearing the forms and a detect and repair of
Office from add/remove progrms .
Mar 20, 2006
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Answer Found!

After many hours of research and trials, the solution/problem is microsoft net framework 2.0 You need to go to control panel > add/remove progs > select microsoft net framework 2.0 > click change/remove and select repair.

This sorted the problem for me. I think a registry/dll cleaner must have removed some bits it shouldn't have!

Good luck

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