Contact Manager Unable to Initialize...after having tested Office



Hi there,

After having tested Office 2010 Beta for a while and having uninstalled it,
reinstalled my original Office 2003 Small Business Edition License, I get the
"Contact Manager Unable To Initialize This Form" Message.

I have tried everything reccomended on all forums: reinstalling, anabling
disabled things, name it. I can see my contacts in Business
Contact Manager folder, but can't open them. I can't open contacts, notes,
opportunities or accounts without getting the same message.

Some guy in a forum reccomended a full format based on the fact that Betas
allways leave things that cause problems and can't be erased or changed but
with a format.

I do not want to have to do that if there is a work around this issue.

I will appreciate any help. I am despperate here.


Raul Thomas

Do you have anything listed in the disabled items , when you click on Help >
About Microsoft Outlook > Disabled items

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