Business Contact Manager on Exchange



How or can I setup Business Contact Manager to run on Exchange server 2003
and be able to share it with other users that are running BCM using outlook
2003. I read the product guide and it said Outlook does not use the sharing
functionality in Exchange 2003 and I wasn't sure if this means we can't share
it using Exchange or what it means.

Thanks for your help.


You can use Exchange or POP3 as the mail server for an Outlook/BCM

But BCM does not use Exchange.

BCM uses a sql server database to store its data. Several BCM users on
a LAN can share the same database.



IF you trying to use BCM on a machine that has an exchange server it will
not work.However if you have a hosted exchange account in Outlook this
option is supporetd and will work


Raul Thomas


I noticed on the MS Suggestion/Enhancement site there was a posting from Sue
Mosher regarding Server 2003 Small Biz and its ability to use BCM.
We have 2003 SB but this looks like a client update - Is this update just
the ability to simply "access" BCM, rather than what we'd like and share a
server based central BCM database?


It is a client update.

Microsoft does not support installing or sharing standalone BCM
databases on a server.

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