Business Contact Manager on server with swedish outllok 2007 clien



I have a problem with Business Contact Manager.

My Server system:
Microsoft Server 2003 English version 64-bit
Exchange 2007 standard
SQL Express 2005

My clients system:
Outlook 2007 swedish edition
Business Contact manager

The problem with my system is that when I use the Outlook 2007 with Business
Contact Manager: Database Admin Tool on the server an create a new database
and share with everyone I want to, the database doesn't show up when i try to
install BCM on the clients. I says that there is no database on my server...

So I thougt it could be permission problems but it isn't.

So then I read that when i create a database with the database tool it only
work with the same language...english.
So i have a swedish version of BCM and need to create a shared database on
my server and I really can't figure out how to do! me...3 days of pain...


I solved it!
It was the problem with the nationality of the bcm database. SO what I did
to make the swedish business contact manager to work was this:

1. I created a database locally on one of the clients.
2. Then i made a backup from the Business contact manager menu / Database
3. I took the backup file (wich has the extension .sbb) and changed the
extension to .zip. This because it actually is an ordinary zip-file.
4. I unziped the backup file and moved it to the server.
5. Then I used the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express to import
the file. This was not possible with the .sbb file or any other file that
outlook can produce.
6. When I did this, the correct nationality of the database was created and
finally it was possible for the clients to find and access the database on
the server.

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