Burning Question :)


Wayne B.

Hello peoples. I realize that this is not exactly
a "game" question, but I really can't think of anywhere
else to ask it. So hopefully someone will be able to
relate with what I'm trying to get done. >>hopefully<<

I have made a rather long "mix" music file on my
computer (80mins) and I would like to split it up into
different tracks (about 8 or so) to burn onto a CD as
opposed to one LONG track. I'm using RealOne and Nero
software to burn the CD. I choose the >no pause<(no
space) between tracks option before I burn it, but I
still get a slight pause in between the tracks. I can't
get it to burn as if it was all one track without
interruptions. I'm using Acoustica to split up the mix
file into different pieces.
Is there anyone who knows what it is that I'm trying to
do and would be able to give me some advice on this
matter, OR at the very least, PoinT me in the right
direction so i can find the answer to my dilemma.

Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated. THANX N




My experience is with different s/w but so long as I was
burning wav's not mp3's then there was never a pause.
You don't mention which format you're using but this may
be your answer.

hope this helps




I understand what you're saying. I had the same problem
with a mix CD that I had.

I use the older version of Easy CD Creator(ver. 3.5c,
came with my first CDR/RW). When burning, I have usually
15-25 tracks, I choose the option of "Disc-at-Once"
instead of "Track-at-Once". This plays the mix with no
space, but still gives me the option to skip to different
parts of the mix with out having to hold the FF button
down. With the "Disc-at-Once", it doesn't turn the laser
off in between tracks. I know Nero has this option as
well, but I've never used it on Nero since I've never had
a problem with it working on EZ CD Creator. Give it a try
on Nero and see how it works out...


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