Burner Errors. I swear I am going to lose it!!!



Hi all!

I have thrown away 8 CDs this last hour. The burner burned half of the
music onto the CD (that was imported from online music or from my music
computer files), then it said there were errors. I installed NERO, used that
to burn the same exact music and the same type errors happened. Buy I will
say, that when I copy a CD, it is fine. All tracks are recorded. What's
going on? Do I need to have my burner serviced?
The following errors were reported in Windows Media Player: OxCOOD11AB and
Condition OxOOOOOOOO

In Roxio the following errors were reportedE 8004184a-Command Error--Illegal
mode 4 track.

E80070057--Parameter Incorrect

Please help me!!!


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