BUG: Sending message x of x


Bill Mullen

Most of what you are calling "bugs" are most likely not. Many are probably
settings you have misconfigured.
Did you even bother to create a new profile after you upgraded? That has
always been a requirement in Outlook.

I did today and it had very little effect (btw, doing this was a royal
PITA! There *needs* be way to export/import account settings and RSS
feeds, etc.). I then deleted the old profile since I don't plan to
use it any longer.

Before I was getting "Sending message n of 14".

Now, I get "Sending message n of 7" if I have only one message to send
but then if I have three to send it changes to "Sending message n of
16". For grins, I sent 5 messages at once and it went up to 19 of 19
messages. I tried just sending 1 message again it it reverted to 7 of

To be clear, I never paid that much attention to the number of
messages that I was sending and how it effected the "Sending msg..."
status. It may have been different if I sent more than one email and
maybe not, I just don't know and it's too late now to find out.

So, I created a new profile and that didn't help. I tried all the
steps described on the HowTo-Outlook site that dealt with this problem
and none of them had any effect. (I never had any items under the
"Messages in Folder" listbox (either under the old profile or the

While this still may not be considered a bug, it is different from
previous versions of Outlook and it is annoying - it certainly
frightened me the first time I saw it since I knew (or at least had
very strong beliefs) that there was only one message that was suppose
to be sent.


So here I am, 7 years later, using Outlook 2013, and the "Sending X of Y" bug still hasn't been fixed, as a quick internet search will show.

Beats me how Microsoft could let such a visible bug persist for so many years. Says something about their values.

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