BSOD when i try to connect. Why ?


Nomadic One

Hi Group,

I have installed a Binatone ADSL500 USB modem and drivers on
a standalone PC with a clean and trouble-free W2K install (with all
relavent updates
and upto date drivers), and when i try to connect to my ISP via the
Desktop icon,
i invariably get the BSOD!

" *** STOP: 0*000000D1 (0*00000030, 0*00000002, 0*00000000,


***Address BE99832F base at BE98B000, DateStamp 3cbaab4p - fwdrv.sys

If this is the first time,..."

I have recently started to get this BSOD with other system files now,
other than 'fwdrv.sys', but unfortunately i did not take note.

When i do a fresh install, i always use it for about a week befor
i Backup the System drive, just to make sure that the install is ok.
During this time the system ran smoothly and connected to my ISP via
Dialupwith no problems.

I have never had a BSOD on my current rig and i have actually been
very pleased with my system stablity up until i connected the USB

Unfortunately, because am i am not technical savvy, i am unable to
decipher the error message and fix it.
Please help!

Basic system specs.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7N400-L1 (With latest drivers)
RAM: 768 MB DDR400
Graphics card: Leadtek 5600FX
Sound card: Creative Sound Blaster
CD-RW: sony CRX1611
DVD: Pioneer

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