Brother HL-5130 and Citrix


Kjell Olausson

I bought a Brother HL-5130 printer because Brother themselves say that
this printer should work in a Citrix environment. The printer is
installed locally on a PC.

I have installed the appropriate printer driver on my two Citrix servers
and the printer gets auto-created but only print blank pages.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

MetaFrame XP 1.0a on Windows 2000

Tahir Saleem

Hi Kjell.

Can you check if the auto created printer is using Universal Printer Driver
(If you have FR2 / FR2) or if it uses the native driver installed.

Tahir Saleem
Citrix User Group Norway

Citrix User Group Sweden

Kjell Olausson

Hi, Tahir!

I've made a driver mapping in the CMC to HP4 now.

I've not been able to test this driver mapping yet. But I've tried
several others, like Brother PCL4, Brother PCL5, Brother PCL5e, HPIII,
Citrix PCL4 Universal Driver.

I can't check if the latest mapping work until the beginning of august.

I have no FR installed.

Regards, Kjell O

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