Brother HL 1440 laser prints well but not last pages



Brother HL-1440 laser prints well but not last pages.

After the symptoms, I'll talk about the OS and installation.

A friend has the printer above and say he wants to print 2 pages. It
will print 1 and stop. Then he'll try to print page 2, the job will
show up in the printer queue, which will say that it's printing, but
nothing will ever come out. Nor will he get an error message.

On another job, 20 pages, it print 5, so he printed pages 6 to 20. It
printed 6 to 18. So he printed 19 to 20. Showed up on the print
queue, said that it was printing, nothing ever came out, no error

The red light saying low toner is flashing and it printed a page just
to say that he had low toner, but they don't print much and the light
has been flashing for months.

The OS is win7 and the Brother website does't offer software for win7.
Although it does talk in general about printer drivers being in the MS
updates. I haven't walked him through yet to see if it's in his list
of printers, so I don't know, but he uses the printer with his
mother's laptop and his brother's, both win7, and each time he
connects the printer, it insists on what I think is installing the
driver again. He has one icon under Printers and Devices called
HL-1440, and it's greyed out, and another called HL-1440 Copy 1 that
isn't greyed out. On his brother's computer, he has copy 1 and copy 2
plus the original (I think two of them are greyed out) Doesn't that
mean that the correct driver is in win7?

He also has the CD that came with the printer, at least 5 years ago.

OTOH, I have winXP sp3 with all the updates and when I look in my
install printer software list, from the Add Printer Wizard, I don't
have Brother HL-1440 either, even though he said at their website they
do have XP listed, to get the driver,

I appreciate your help


The Toner cartridge is empty.
I suggest you do not mess with the drivers until you have replaced the toner
The cartridge and printer use an optical method of determining the level of
toner, a certain amount of printing is allowed after the light first comes on
and then the symptoms you describe will occur.

So even though it has enough toner to print the whole thing, it won't
to make sure you go get a new cartridge?
I assume the toner light is the only one that is on?


Thanks a lot.


You can try removing the cartridge and shaking it end to end very gently, you
might get a little more out of the toner.

Thanks. It would be interesting to see if he coudl get to the end of
two pages then.

I have the firm impression that it's been sevearl print jobs that
woudn't finish, even each print job printed enough to finish the job
before it. That he could print the first page of a 2 page report
several times, but could neve print the second page. I'll ask again.
Maybe I misunderstood.

He found a new cartridge for 40 dollars, though he's young, his
parents own the printer and are in charge of such things.


Let me know how he gets on,we could look at different possibilities if
necessary but the symptoms you have described are classic


And thanks Airman. He's away today, but I'll email him some links.

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