Broadband Connection Windows 2000

Apr 5, 2008
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I have been searching online for ages trying to figure out this problem... I hope some of you can help me!

My problem is... I have a Windows 2000 Professional computer and I am trying to set up a broadband connection. The ethernet network card (NIC) didn't seem to be working so I purchased a USB to ethernet convertor. This works and I can see that it is connected under network connections (I have a Local Area Connection connected). However, I am having trouble actually setting up the broadband connection. When I use the network connection wizard the only options available are for dial up. There is no broadband option.

I also have a laptop running windows xp home. I installed the device and was able to create the broadband connection fine - there is a connect using broadband option on the xp connection wizard.

I am starting to think that it isn't possible to set up a broadband connection on windows 2000 am I right? Is there any other way to create the broadband connection on windows 2000?

Can anyone confirm this or help me set up broadband ?

Thanks for helping!

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