British government gives away laptops !!!


Sep 30, 2005
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Well with a spend of £300,000,000 and 270,000 pc's to give away I made that initially £1,111.11 per laptop which is pretty expensive looking at the cheapy laptop they are giving away. ;)

However I red this from the above link,

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] "From today, parents will be able to ring to request an application form for a Home Access grant. If they meet strict eligibility criteria, they will then receive a pre-loaded debit card to spend on one Home Access computer and one broadband connection per family for one year. These are available from a list of approved suppliers. The general public will also be able to purchase Home Access kits from retailers, so parents can be sure that the laptops they buy are fully security checked, are safe and have all of the software needed to support learning."[/font]

So I revised my figures. Taking one years subscription to broadband at £25 a month for twelve months for 270,000 users gives a total cost of £ 81.000.000.
Take £81.000.000 from £300.000.000 and you have £219.000.000 which means each laptop costs £811.11 a much more realistic figure you will agree no doubt ;)

Now I know that if pushed a broadband supplier could be persuaded to supply broadband at £8 a month probably even cheaper. I know I can buy at retail prices a suitable laptop for £250 maybe cheaper if you dumped the expensive MS software and used linux. Add on £10.000.000 as my fee and I could do the whole deal for £100.000.000 thats a saving of £200.000.000 to the country.

So come on Gordon give me a job. :D



Yorkshire Cruncher
Mar 21, 2007
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Looks like the electioneering has begun already.

So, a poor family get a new laptop. Great for all those who will use it responsibly.

BUT what happens if

1. the laptop needs some repairs? Will a poor family be able, or bothered, to take it back to the seller for free warranty work in the first 12 months or paid repair work after 12 months?

2.the laptop is infected by a virus if there is no antivirus provided? This is very likely at some point and there will be 300,000 more computers out there spreading infections about.

3.the family can't afford the broadband fees after the first year? Again very likely.

And, it's to be hoped that lots of these laptops are not just used for the playing of games and nothing else.

And, finally, let's hope that lots of them are not just sold on to make a few quid. I can just see lots of them for sale in the local papers and on eBay.

Have the Government really thought this through?


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Ed Balls?

Can we really believe a man with that name?

Almost as bad as Hugh Janus.

But not quite.




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