Bridging Nics for Speed



Just wondering. If I install a 2nd NIC (10/100 Mbps) in my 'main' puter and
use it to connect to my router @ 100 Mbps and connect my built in 1 Gbps NIC
to my other computer with its 1 Gbps NIC, willI see 1 Gbps thruput between
the machines? If I bridge the 2 NICs in the main puter to allow the other
puter to access the router will I still see 1 Gbps for local communication
and 100 Mbps to the rest of the network and web?



Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

Yeah you can get local Giga transfer between the two computers using such a
However plugging a Giga switch to the Router and connecting the Giga capable
computers to the switch is a better solution.
There are inexpensive Giga switches that can yield the max. that the current
Giga yields when using client OS, which is a local transfer of about 45 to
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

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