Booting into Safe Mode



I have Windows XP Pro. I used to be able to boot into Safe Mode by tapping
the F5 key while my computer boots until the option becomes available as to
how I want to proceed. This option is no longer available. I tried tapping
the F8 key also, but with no luck either. The only way I can now go into
Safe Mode is by going into msconfig and selecting it there. Why can I no
longer get into Safe Mode by pressing the F5 or F8 keys and what setting can
I change so that tapping the F5 or F8 key will again start my computer in
Safe Mode?


M and D

Nothing to do with settings. Start tapping on F8 as soon as your computer restarts. Like many things in life, timing is everything.



No, that's not the problem. I've gone into Safe Mode a number of times in
the past so I know just about exactly when to start pressing the keys. When
it didn't work,
I tried tapping the keys at a number of different points and I continued to
tap them almost until my desktop appears. I stopped being able to get into
Safe Mode when I installed Avast and I had a terrible time uninstalling it
because it froze my pc as soon as it fully booted.


Donny Broome

Do you have a USB keyboard? If so, make sure Legacy USB is turned ON in your
BIOS. Also, believe it or not, you need to plug they USB keyboard into one
of the ports on the back, sometimes. Weird, I know.

If you're using a PS2 keyboard...well, I don't have a clue why F8 is not



Hi Donny, Thanks for responding. I don't know if I have a USB or a PS2
keyboard. It's "Logitech Access Keyboard."

How do I go into the BIOS and exactly what do I change?

The keyboard is plugged into one of the ports on the back of my pc.


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