Booting from one drive and not the other



First off i have two drives in my computer, a 20gb and a 60gb running windows
ME. I first started out with just a 20gb and decided to get a bigger one for
more space.(60) With a 60gb just sitting there i wanted the OS on that one.
So i upgraded to XP and got SP2. so i installed XP on the 60gb and formatted
the 20gb so it was free of space.

60GB- XP with all the new files
20GB- Nothing

Since 60gb's was enough space for my uses i decided it would be cool to put
a different OS on the other one so i got linux (SuSE linux 9.1 personal).
and installed it on the 20gb or at least i hoped i did. Linux didnt run very
well or at all so i installed XP on the 20gb to get rid of it and have a
working OS again since i couldnt boot the old XP from the 60gb.

60GB- XP with all my preferences and a huge music library
20GB- Clean install of XP (activation pending)

My problem is, is that i cant boot windows from my 60gb when its the only
drive connected and is set to "master" the computer instead goes to Novell
Netware (plain black and white) and does a couple of searches for boot
records and sits there. This is what it says:

Novell Netware Ready Firmware v1.00 (940809)
(C) Copyright 1991-1994 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved
SiS 900/7016 PCI Adapters Dos ODI Driver v1.05 (990410)
(C) Copyright 1998 SiS Corp. All Rights Reserved

RPL-ROM-ADR: 00D0 0973 BA83

Searching for boot record from floppy..Not Found
Searching for boot record from CDROM..Not Found
Searching for boot record from Network..OK

Press <home> key to boot from local Drive
Boot Failure
Insert Boot Diskette in A:
Press Any Key when ready

Searching Boot From IDE..OK
Invalid Partition table

If i have the 20gb set to "master" and it connected then it boots fine but
with no preferences or my music. Since that is on the 60gb.
So How do i get rid of Novell netware (came from linux because thats the
site i got it from) or boot the 60gb and get back to normal.





Boot from the CD or you can insert the CD while at the windows desktop but
when the setup screen appears, exit setup and reboot. If your system is set
to be able to boot from the CD, it should detect the disk and give a brief
message, during the boot up, if you wish to boot from the CD press any key.

Once you have pressed a key, setup should begin. You will see a reference
asking if you need to load special drivers and another notice that if you
wish to begin the ASR (Automatic Recovery Console) depress F2. Just let
setup run past all of that. It will continue to load files and drivers.

Then it will bring you to a screen. Eventually, you will come to a screen
with the option to (1) setup Windows or (2) Repair Windows Installation
using the Recovery console.

The first option, to setup Windows is the one you want and requires you to
press enter. When asked, press F8 to accept the end user agreement. Setup
will then search for previous versions of Windows. Upon finding your
version, it will ask if you wish to Repair your current installation or
install fresh. Press R, that will run a repair installation. From there
on, follow the screens.


Did all that and re-booted with the 60 set as master and the 20 disconnected
and went strait to the Novel Netware screen after it auto-detected the drives.


Hey Buddy..... this problem comes up usually with a failed install o
Novell Netware or an attempt to install Novell Netware.... :D

Anywayz now as u hav it try this...

Go to the website of the manufacturer of ur hard disk and download
low level format utility like Seagate DiscWizard. Make sure that
download the utility for ur make only.... eg.. the seagate utilit
wont work on samsung or maxtor or any other make... and it stands th
same for every hard drive maker...

It usually creates a bootable disc if it doesnt then u must create
boot disc and copy the utility to floppy or cd ...

Take a backup of everything that u like on ur machine.... cause u won
have anything left on ur disc after this.....

Run the utility as per the manufacturer's instructions... like fo
seagate go ahead and boot off the floppy or the cd which was create
using discwizard's downloaded application...... and go to fill zeroe

It will take about 4 hrs on a 80 GB hard disc running on a P

Once this is done... reload the OS

This would surely get u rolling.....:

Pls do reply if any further help is needed. :idea:


Hi Deborah....

The suggestion that u put up is awesome... but i m afraid that doesn
helps in this case... as the issue is becoz of the write protecte
boot record of Novell Netware.

I hav even tried to flash the bios... but even flashing the bios didn
help.... reseting the bios manually also failed.... the mobo that i
using is a dual bios one... and still the prob remained there..

The issue is becoz of the mbr of novell... and that is very nasty..
only way i cud get rid of it was by performing a low level format o
my hard drive... :blush:ops



If you were getting the following message while trying to boot up you

Novel NetWare Ready Firmware v1.00 (940810
(c) Copyright 1997-1994 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved
VIA PCI 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Adpater v3.32 (06/22/2001

Analyzing network Media type, this will take several moments...

RPL-ROM-ADR: 0007 915B 14B


You will need to go in and edit the motherboard bios boot order an
most importantly remove boot capibilities to the network card. Thi
is what I did remove the Novell Netware Ready Firmware issue fro
text bootup screen

Boot order as follows

1st boot device = flopp
2nd boot device = cdro
3rd boot device = scsi (In my case scsi, rather than IDE because I a
using scsi hardrives with a DPT controller.) In your case, you ar
probably using IDE
*** Most important setting: "Search for other boot devices

By setting that last parameter to disabled, you are stopping th
motherboard from attempting to boot to a network card. Chances are i
you have a built in network card on your motherboard, you do not hav
a sofistocated enough network card that supports network boot.

Good luck


Deborah (Renesys




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