Windows XP Bootable pendrive

Jan 4, 2003
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I know its been covered before however using a pendrive for a bootable drive are they faster than say a standard HDD due to the solid state memory?

Say for example i had a 4Gb pendrive and installed all the O/S and drivers onto the drive, would it boot faster than my 7200 160Gb HDD?

Or alternatively used the files and setting transfer wizard to make the drive bootable?

Surely the onboard memory of the drive has faster access speeds in a USB2 slot? Or does it have to be a USB1.1 because the drivers for the USB2 wont load at first boot?

Just being nosey really! :)


Feb 23, 2002
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Nope, a USB stick isn't any faster - some new SSDs (actual hard drives) are around the same speed as a good HDD.

A bootable USB stick will be quite slow and won't last as long as it has a limit on the amount of writes. They are good for playing with Linux though :)

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