Boot/Update Error



I had a huge windows crash, and I tried to repair the windows file using a
Windows XP home UPGRADE cd. Little did I know that apparently, you cannot
use the upgrade CD to repair an existing windows isntallation.

Baically, it got stuck halfway and wants to continue to upgrade. I cant use
the upgrade CD to continue, and i tried another regular XP home cd to
continue the installation, and it also fails.

I am looking for a way to cancel the current setup, and to start a new setup
repair installation with the Xp home CD.

I do not want to format the drive as I need all of the files on the computer.

Thanks for all of the help


The xp cd upgrade home or pro,certainly does allow for a repair of the OS.
One simply boots to xp cd,select install xp,select repair this
far as where youre at,a failed installation or repair usually results in
from scratch (format & install) thru booting to xp cd...


I did try to repair using the Upgrade CD, but it got to copying files and was
unable to copy many files over and when it got to the gui installation of
windows, it said that it had the wrong signature and could not continue

Any thoughts?


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