Bluetooth Mouse does not activate on Startup



Recently bought a Alienware m9700 laptop system with built in bluetooth. The
problem I am having is that when I shutdown the system and bring it backup,
Vista Ultimate has "Lost the settings persay" I have to go through and Detect
Bluetooth Devices again and after it finds the mouse it works fine until I
restart the system.

I contacted Alienware support and installed the latest drivers for the
Internal Bluetooth adapter and looked for any updated drivers for the mouse
"Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000" but to no avail. This is also happening
with my Bluetooth enabled phone "Motorola Q".

As long as I dont restart the system they work. Its just when I shutdown the
system and bring it back up that it looses all settings.

Thanks for any help on this issue.



Joel Graffman

If I reboot my HP laptop, bluetooth is not recognized until I cycle the
wifi/bluetooth on/off switch. Nor is the bluetooth icon displayed in the
notificaton area until the switch is cycled.

The mouse is recognized when awakened from sleep mode, but my Apple BT
keyboard recognition is sometimes slow. It doesn't seem like the Windows
world has used BT enough to work out all of the bugs.

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