Bluetooth performance woes



I'm actually fairly certain this isn't a Vista problem, but if it isn't I'm
hoping someone out there may have experienced the same symptoms and can help
point me in the right direction.

I have a Dell XPS M1210 with integrated Bluetooth. I bought a Logitech V270
Bluetooth mouse and was able to get it connected fairly easily. After a
short while though, the response from the mouse started to lag significantly,
to the point where it was no longer usable. Resetting the mouse and
reconnecting would get me back to decent performance, but only for a while at
a time.

Of course at this point I wasn't sure what the problem was, but then I was
given a Bluetooth MS presenter mouse at a conference last month. I tried
this mouse and got the exact same behavior. To complete the analysis, I used
the Bluetooth USB dongle that came with the MS mouse and disabled the
internal Bluetooth module and had the same performance problems.

So, in short, it seems like the problem isn't with the mice or the actual
Bluetooth tranceiver. This leaves drivers or some other hardware problem.
I've gone through a few different drivers, all with the same results. Does
anyone out there have any ideas what the problem might be? I hate using the
blanket excuse that "the motherboard" is faulty, but I don't know where else
to look.

Has anyone had similar problems, particularly with a Dell laptop?

Thanks in advance,





Firstly, Bluetooth v1 supports only one device at a time.
v2 can support many, but has a power drain on any battery.
Is there a power option in the Bluetooth driver panel?




M1210 here with a Logitech V270. The blue tooth is a dell 350. I have had no
problems with it. Other than the small lag when it comes out of sleep mode
for a second. I, however, did not install the dell drivers on their website.
I used the default drivers that came with Vista Home Premium.

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