Bluetooth Dongle - USB not found



I have recently acquired a dongle and am at loss trying to
get the software to work with this.

I had instructions to go to a site to download the drivers
(in a zip format) which was easy enough to do.

After following the instructions on screen and restarting
for it to take effect I then plugged in the dongle (it
lights up to show that power is getting through) When
double clicking on the Bluetooth icon I get a message
saying "Bluetooth device not found...Please verify that
your Bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on"

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this to
work please? I obtained this from and
it seems to be a generic form of dongle.



e-mail: (e-mail address removed)


I'm aware that the link is dead but the intended one is This just gives the
option of finding the product and then downloading it that
way. User manual is rather basic and having e-mailed
their tech support, they were honest enough to say that it
has only been used on XP whereas I'm using ME.



I have decided to send the item back and get one that has
a CD for downloading along with some decent support!

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