bizarro: notepad and yellow triangular warning symbol in the taskbar. PLEASE ASSIST.



everytime and on every instance of opening NOTEPAD, whether from the
"run" dialog, the windows directory or by clicking on a text file, I
get a taskbar notification instance of the little yellow warning
symbol with the exclamation point.

whats causing this and how to get rid?

thanks, Eric

original message to doug knox:

"everytime i open notepad i get a yellow triangular warning symbol in
taskbar notification area. i checked event viewer but there are no
of these events. the problem is consistent even after i have restored
system to a time prior to the start of the problem."


Hi Eric,

Doug has been notified. In the meantime, when did this behavior start, have
you tried to restore Notepad, have you run any/all spyware cleaners, etc
before posting?

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