Big boot problem, error 1516 Partition improperly dimounted if you can solve this you are a genius

Discussion in 'Windows XP Hardware' started by Thomas Waugh, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Thomas Waugh

    Thomas Waugh Guest

    I have made a very big mistake if you can solve this problem then you are a

    I was using power quest partition magic 8 and i was looking at my partitions
    on my hardrive,
    I was trying to create some space on the drive, and i used partition magic
    to delete a partition i didnt recognize. It was only a small (7-8 MB)
    partition and im fairly sure that ity was set to active. I am also sure that
    there was more than one active partition on this disk, but everything that i
    have read tells me that this cant be true. Now when i boot my computer up
    trys to boot IDE-0 the drive but fails and comes up with the error message
    "Cannot find NTLDR"

    when i put the xp pro disk in to repair this problem it comes up with an
    so i then booted up with a copy of partition magic 8 on floppy disk to have
    a look
    at my hard drive. so when partition magic 8 was on i ran an error check.
    the error displayed
    "1516 partition improperly dismounted"

    Now to solve this problem it suggests to use "chkdsk" check disk however
    when i was
    running partition magic the partitions that i have on the drive were not
    assinged to any drive letters they all
    just came up as "* :" and they all had the same error 1516which means that
    they have been
    improperly dimounted, and because they are not asinged to any drive letters
    i cant run check disk
    to them to solve this problem because i cant tell check disk what to look at
    bacuse they are not assibged to a drive letter
    and i dont know how to asign drive letters to them ethier, so im stuck in a
    problem that i cant get out of

    Can anyone help?
    as i have data that i'd rather not lose!


    Thomas Waugh, Jul 22, 2003
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  2. Thomas Waugh

    Joep Guest

    post a partinfo (refer to PM manual)

    error 1516 in itself is not a big deal: normally when windows has started it
    puts up a flag 'i am not properly dismounted'. now this flag is only lowered
    if you properly shut down windows, once it has closed open files etc. it
    will 'lower this flag knowing it has left the file system in a consistent
    state. next boot, and the same all over again. pm checks the state of this
    flag and when it's up it will give error 1516.

    when the flag is up already when windows boots, it now knows that something
    (possibly) ain't right and it may for example inntiate an autocheck.

    also, where was this 7.8 mb partition?
    always quote the error.
    pm NEVER assigns drive letters to ntfs when in dos, it is windows that
    assigns drive letters and windows ain't running.
    nope you can't run chkdsk because you need windows running for that.


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    Joep, Jul 22, 2003
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  3. Thomas Waugh

    Midnight Guest

    Please read all this post as it contains important info to try and stop you
    loosing data.

    Was Windows on your C: drive before? I am taking an educated guess that the
    partition you deleted was a small space at the begining of the hard drive.
    In Partition magic it would be the left hand side of the graphic
    representation of your hard drive. I can't think of any other situation
    which would stop windows from finding your active partition other than a
    small space at the start of the drive. To fix it boot from partition magic 8
    boot disc and see if you are shown a small deleted space at the left hand
    side. If so create a primary partition then merge it into the next
    partition. Make this a partition primary and active. You should be able to
    now boot into windows. If you still have problems it is possible that your
    boot files were on the small partition that you deleted. If this is the case
    you should be able to boot from the XP cd and go to the recovery console and
    use fixboot.

    If you are worried about loosing data and you have another hard drive I
    would try and copy the partitions holding the data onto a scond hard drive.

    If you know what you are doing and confident then read on. If you have
    enough empty space at the end of the hard drive (the right hand side of the
    grapical representation) you should be able to reduce the size of the main
    partition and create a new partition at the end of the hard drive. You could
    then duplicate the data from the partition holding the data you want to
    keep, onto the newly created partition at the end of the hard drive. You
    should then hide this using partition magic so it doesn't confuse Windows.
    This will give you a possible backup in case somthing goes wrong. Nothing is
    guaranteed when moving partitions and data.

    If my assumptions about the deleted partition being at the beginning of the
    hard drive are wrong then please repost with as much info as possible about
    the partitions you have including any empty space (uncreated partitions) and
    where it is on your hard drive. Partiton Magic has a tool called
    PartitonInfo which will copy relevent info. Do this before trying to repair
    the fault if you are worried about loosing data.

    Midnight, Jul 22, 2003
  4. Thomas Waugh


    Jul 1, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Similar Problem 1516

    I have the same error message. when I checked my drive with another program i was rold that the boot partition was improperly showm as 1023 when it should have been about 14,300.
    i have partition magic on hirens boot cd but no emergency discs.
    MGARYM, Jul 1, 2007
  5. Thomas Waugh


    May 7, 2010
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    ntfs.sys blue screen / Error 1516 - Fixed

    BIG MICROSOFT BUG for XP SP3, you can't load windows XP or Boot PE if just one partition have error 1516. A dirty stop for your computer ? you're dead ? NO Linux INSERT could help you.

    The NTFSFix utility from "INSERT" Version 1.3.9 worked GREAT. What a freaking life saver.


    A couple of quick tips I had to sort out on my own.
    First, when you get to "root:" type "insert 2" this will take you to level 2 text mode.
    Second you have to know where your HD is. once you have booted to a prompt, type in "cfdisk". This will display the partitions available. write down the correct partition exactly.
    In my case it was "sda2".
    exit from the partition manager. Once back at the prompt type
    ntfsfix /dev/(your HD location) (ex: "ntfsfix /dev/sda2")

    Found somewhere on :
    cartagonet, May 7, 2010
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