BCM slow, or?



I need to ask, is it just me and the system I have BCM installed on or do
others find it very slow to respond?

Having reformatted my computer thinking it was just time, I still find BCM
(on OL07) to be very slow to respond. I'm running it off my laptop (outlook
07 and BCM) - laptop has 1mb RAM, avail HDD space and a moderate processor
that fits within the recommendations.

By slow I mean, a customer calls, I go into outlook and look up their
account information via search, i wait, the account appears. i then open
the contact within that account, and wait, then the contact appears. I
click to see the history, I wait, then it appears. meanwhile my customer is
wondering what the heck I'm doing on the other end of the phone.

Outlook too has become very slow since installing BCM, especially when
trying to start it up.

Is it just this slow, or is it something on my end? I really need to know,
because at this rate, I need to find something better.




I am having exactly the same problem. Has anyone given you an answer or
have you figured out how to speed up BCM and Outlook itself?

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