BCM Contacts generates an Outlook reminder for each account


Dave Haymes

Today Outlook generated a reminder for each contact within BCM which in our
case resulted in 2300 reminders. We have 4 users connected to a shared
database and the problem only occurs on one BCM client machine. I have looked
at the task list and do not see any BCM type reoccuring task and the contacts
themselves don't seem to have tasks or reminders assigned to them. Does
anyone know how to stop these reminders from popping up as from other online
posts I can see that this has happened to others but I can't see a permanent
solution? Thanks.


I just found a solution from Dorothy Shen of Microsoft, to a similar problem,
that has cleared this problem on my computer (at least for now).

1. Exit Outlook.
2. On the START menu, select RUN.
3. Type the following command (without quotations) and run it:
"outlook /cleanreminders"

Of course we shouldn't have to do this and this obviously represents a major
bug in Outlook/BCM/ integrated Office Accounting or something... When I
called their support line they were quite rude to me. But at least this
seems to have resolved the issue for now. I hope this helps.

Dave Haymes

Thanks Matthew,

Next time we get the reminders pop up I'll try this and let you know how it



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