Task Reminder questions



As an adult, career professional with ADHD, my Outlook Tasks and their
reminders are CRITICAL in helping me keep up with my workload. But I'm
having an issue with recurring tasks not re-creating and issuing reminders if
the previous task wasn't completed.

For instance, I have reports that need to be reviewed daily, weekly and
monthly. In normal folks with normal brains, it would become a rote thing or
a habit. But with me and my brain, LOL, I need reminders. The problem is,
if I don't get to the report today and accidentally dismiss the reminder
notification or shut down my system before the reminder pops back up, the
system doesn't create a new task and reminder for tomorrow.

I would prefer to end up with different line items and reminders for
multiple days...all for the same task. So if the task was "Review Direct
Orders report" and it's a daily recurring task, and for some bizarre reason I
didn't complete the task for 5 days, I'd want to see 5 different tasks, each
with "Review Direct Orders report" as the subject, but with different due
dates and a reminder popping up for each of them, every day, until they'd
each been marked complete.

Is there some way to do this? To make it create a new task and reminder
even if the previous one wasn't marked complete? I've tried going into
Customize and Options and the changeable task options seem to be very few in
number. Is there somewhere else I need to be looking?

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