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Outlook 2003

I have a few basic questions on Tasks. The Help files are terrible.
(If anyone can recommend a good website, please include it in your

1. What does "Dismiss" do? Presumably, prevents the reminder from
appearing again?

2. What does "Dismiss All" do? How much does "All" cover? All
Tasks? (What would be the point of that?) All recurrences of the
given Task?

3. I have created a recurring Task, monthly. If I press Dismiss when
this month's Reminder appears, does it cancel the Task forever, or
will it recur next month? (Other topics in this newsgroup seem to be
saying the recurrence is cancelled.) If it cancels it forever, how
can I bring the recurrence back? Just re-create the Task and be
careful not to press Dismiss next time? (If so, the recurring feature
is designed to fail you.)

4. To make a recurring Task actually recur, do I have to physically
mark this month's incidence of the Task "Complete" in the Task list?
There's no button that will do this in the Reminder window. (Where's
the automation in that?)

Thanks for your help.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

1. It dismisses the selected reminder.
2. It dismisses all reminders showing in the reminder dialog.
3. It's dismissed. right click and mark complete so it generates the next
task with a reminder. If you dismiss a reminder on a recurring task, that
just ends the reminders. You can reset the reminder from the tasks folder.
4. Yes. right click on the item in the reminder dialog or mark it complete
from the tasks folder or in the taskpad in the calendar.

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