BCM for Outlook could not complete your last action.......



I'm working on a unit with Outlook and BCM 2007. It's Vista as well. I've
been using the BCM for quite some time without problem. This morning when I
was going through and making a backup the system crashed--I don't know if it
was caused by BCM or some other application. I had to force a shutdown and
reboot on the machine. Now when I go from my Outlook contact list to the BCM
contact list--I get this error "Business Contact Manager for Outlook could
not complete your last action or actions. Please try again." I've run
diagnostics and also checked the database for errors.

I've reviewed the questions here and don't see much of a response for this
particular error. BCM seems to work correctly. The error occurs anytime I
go to view either the Accounts or Contacts for BCM. It doesn't seem to be in
the database itself--but just when you first go to look at BCM contacts.
There is no error when I look at contacts in Outlook.

I'll probably try to clear and restore the database next---but wanted to
check here first. Since the database seems to be ok--I'm guessing I'll still
have the problem after restoring it.

Thanks and Have a great day,


After sending this---I did some further testing. Rebooted several times and
the problem persisted. I prepared to reload both Outlook and BCM contacts
from either a backup or export copy. At one point---I exited out of Outlook
and did some other work. I noticed that the computer was working pretty hard
and found that while out of Outlook and BCM that the SQL Server process was
using up substantial resources. I had some other things to do and came back
later. When I got back into the program---everything was well--no errors.
So somehow---it repaired itself while I was not running Outlook. I'm good to
go now it appears---but would like a clue as what caused this and how to
avoid in the future. Thanks for taking a look at it.....
Have a great day,


This error occured twice in the past 2 weeks on my XP PRO SP2

The first was a result of running several registry cleaners which I
have been using for at least a year.

The second was caused by my attempting to cancel a scheduled Acronis
True Image Workstation backup.
My monitor display went black and I had to reboot.

Both times I found the solution to be a 'repair' of MS Office
Enterprise 2007.


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